This Week in Lotus - Week 1 - 2023

Posted January 4, 2023 by  ‐ 1 min read

We hope everyone had a nice winter holiday and are recharged and ready to build a stronger and better ecosystem for Filecoin. As many on the team are catching up and aligning on tasks after the break, this weeks update is a bit lighter. As shared earlier in this channel, we are super excited that Travis is officially joining (coming back to) the Lotus/Actor team.🎉

Network version 18 - Hygge:

  • FIP0050 - which proposes an API between user-programmed an built-in actors, has now passed out of last call status and is now accepted. Check out FIP0050 here.
  • A new PR ensures that the SplitStore compaction keeps H(TipSetKey) CIDs that is needed for the FEVM-upgrade, this is now being pinned in the hotstore.

A new option for setting the maximum amount of sectors to be extended with the lotus-miner sectors renew command has been reviewed and merged. It´s useful when you want to extend a lot sectors in one go, and do not want the message to exceed the block limit.

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend! ☀️