This Week in Lotus - Week 15 - 2023

Posted April 14, 2023 by  ‐ 2 min read

As mentioned in the Slack network-announcement channel earlier this week, we investigated a lower then normal chain win count/blocks produced in the network.

We traced the issue to be stemming from occasional longer computation of the tipset state, which is necessary to obtain nonces for messages included in a winning block.

The upcoming network version 19 will greatly improve this slowness as FIP0060 - Set Market Deal Maintenance Interval to 30 Days will substantially reduce block validation time. It will also significantly help with syncing times. We have since the investigation seen the chain move towards a healthier state. For the nv19 timeline check ⬇️.

nv19 & nv20 - Lightning ⚡️ and Thunder ⛈️

The upgrade epochs for the Calibration network has been set in the Lotus v1.22.0-rc3 release:

  • The nv19 upgrade (Lighting ⚡️) for the Calibration test network is at epoch 489394, 2023-04-20T16:30:00Z.
  • The nv20 upgrade (Thunder ⛈️) will be triggered automatically 11520 epoch later, at epoch 500914, 2023-04-24T16:30:00Z.

Please note that the Lotus v1.22.0-rc3 has not set the epoch at which the mainnet will upgrade; that detail will be finalized in the stable 1.22.0 release. We expect that for mainnet:

  • The nv19 upgrade (Lightning ⚡️) will be on May 10th
  • The nv20 upgrade (Thunder ⛈️) will be on May 17th

Wondering why there are two upgrades? Please check out the previous This Week in Lotus post.

🧪 Synthetic PoRep and Sealing-as-a-Service

A call out for storage providers interested in SaaS, or sealing in general! There is lots of interesting discussions happening in #fil-sealing-as-a-service related to Synthetic PoRep, a new more efficient sealing software and how a potential Sealing-as-a-Service flow where the deal data never leaves the SP could look like. 🐕 Lassie: Have you been looking for a simple retrieval client for fetching data from Filecoin or IPFS? Then check out Lassie! It will find and fetch (🦴) content over the best retrieval protocols available and is very simple to set up.

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend! ☀️