This Week in Lotus - Week 15

Posted April 15, 2022 by  ‐ 2 min read

👋 Hey everyone and welcome to This Week in Lotus! First of all, a big thanks to everybody that is helping out in the channels, sharing knowledge and helping each other out! You are the best 🙌

Issues we have seen frequently this week:

  • We´ve had a couple of questions about unnecessarily moving of data between workers. Sector storage groups lets you create dedicated groups for multipurpose workers.
  • The GasFee has fluctuated a bit more recently, which can cause messages to get stuck in the mpool. For an easy way to update your messages with an updated GasFee, check this post.

Bugfixes for common issues:

  • 🛑 KVLog has been a constant source for problems for a while. In newer versions of Lotus it will be disabled by default as we haven´t seen any metadata corruption that couldn´t be repaired with normal leveldb repair tools. We will create some docs for this soon in the knowledge base.

Upcoming features:

  • v1.15.2-rc1 has been released and is currently undergoing testing by the SPX group. 📁 Setting the file descriptor limit high enough has become a requirement for all workers - so make sure that you have raised the ulimit on the workers before upgrading.
  • With the new command lotus client list-asks --protocols you can find Storage Providers using Boost, just grep for 'mk/1.2.0' to see them.
  • ClientCalcCommP is now multithreaded ⚡ - so calculating commP for your files should be way faster.
  • Improved Scheduler 🔥 The worker assigning logic has been drastically improved and early feedback indicates that it helps distribute work better on larger setups.

Wishing everyone a nice weekend!