This Week in Lotus - Week 16 - 2023

Posted April 21, 2023 by  ‐ 2 min read

The Calibration network upgraded successfully to both network version 19 and network version 20 earlier this week. ⚡⛈️

⚡ Expedited nv19 rollout:

The mandatory nv19 upgrade is scheduled to upgrade at 2023-04-27T13:00:00Z, epoch 2809800.

For the network upgrade there will be two Lotus versions that carry the code needed for the upgrade:

  • If you are on a Lotus v1.20.x version today, updating to v1.22.1 is advised to avoid any dependency changes. (go-version, cuda, etc)
    • The corresponding Boost version for this release is v1.6.3
  • If you are on a Lotus v1.21.0-rcX version today, updating to v1.23.0 is advised to avoid any dependency changes. (go-version, cuda, etc). The v1.23.0 release will be published on Monday
    • The corresponding Boost version for this release is v1.7.0

You can check that you have successfully upgraded your nodes with the lotus state actor-cids --network-version 19. The output should correspond to this Manifes CID:

Network Version: 19
Actor Version: 11
Manifest CID: bafy2bzacecnhaiwcrpyjvzl4uv4q3jzoif26okl3m66q3cijp3dfwlcxwztwo

❗️ A reminder that the rollover period in FIP0061 - Window Grindability Fix has been extended to 3 weeks to accommodate for the expedited network rollout. The rollover period is the duration between nv19 and nv20 which both the old proofs (v1) and the new proofs (v1_1) proofs will be accepted by the network.

We understand that the expedited network upgrade has a shorter than normal turnaround for network upgrades, however, we believe that the improvements in block validation time is much needed for both the network and our users.

Let us know in the #fil-lotus-help channel if you encounter any issues with the upgrade and we will happily assist you.

Thank you all!

We would like to thank everybody that has been helping out this last week! Especially with the help in testing the network upgrade on the Calibration network, and adding PRs. We truly appreciate it 💙

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend! ☀️