This Week in Lotus - Week 31 - 2023

Posted August 3, 2023 by  ‐ 2 min read

👋 Hey everyone and welcome to This Week in Lotus!

Unsealing bugfixes and enhancements 🆕

We have finialized and tested the unsealing bugfix PR this week. It introduces significant improvements and bugfixes, ensuring that unsealing operates as anticipated. Consequently, the unsealing of deal sectors, Snap-sectors without sector keys, and Snap-sectors with sector keys now all function seamlessly.

Additional improvements/bugfixes include:

  • Enabling unsealing on workers with only sealing paths. 🎉
  • Transferring unsealed files to long-term storage upon successful unsealing. ➡️
  • Ensuring no residual files in sealing paths post a successful unsealing operation. 🧹

Nv21 migration optimizations

The Lotus team is actively pursuing enhancements in preparation for the forthcoming nv21 network upgrade. You can view the estimated timeline for this upgrade by following this link.

Our focus extends to developing a set of tools that enables comprehensive migration tests across a variety of hardware types and codebases. This approach aids in identifying performing configurations and ensuring the successful migrations of all nodes within the network.

Butterfly network reset: 🦋

The butterfly-network was reset this week to bring in some SyntheticPoRep bug fixes and additional space savings optimizations. The 🦋network is scheduled to upgrade to nv21 tomorrow, after which one is able to pledge SyntheticPoRep sectors.

If you’re interested in assisting us and testing SyntheticPoRep on the Butterfly Network, here’s how you can proceed:

  • Check out this PR with git checkout feat/nv21-skeleton.
  • Follow the standard upgrade process, but instead build for the Butterfly-network with Make butterflynet
  • Get funds from the faucet here.
  • Set UseSyntheticPoRep = true in your config.toml file.

We greatly appreciate any involvement. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need guidance, want to help, or discover any potential bugs.

Parallel WindowPoSt batch processing:

We’ve recently revisited and refined a parallel WindowPoSt batch processing PR that has remained in a WIP state for some time. Current tests on a developer network, featuring multiple partitions in a deadline, have demonstrated excellent distribution and parallelization across WindowPoSt workers. The PR is now under code review.

Once implemented, this enhancement should significantly expedite WindowPoSts for storage providers managing multiple partitions per deadline. It will effectively utilize multiple WindowPoSt workers, ensuring resources are not left idle if multiple partitions need computation.

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend! ☀️