This Week in Lotus - Week 39

Posted September 30, 2022 by  ‐ 2 min read

πŸ‘‹ Hey everyone and welcome to This Week in Lotus!

The second release candidate for the upcoming Lotus v1.17.2 was released this week. πŸ“£ Please note that Lotus v1.17.2 will require a Go-version of v1.18.1 or higher, so check which version you are on before upgrading!

πŸš€ Features / Enhancements:

  • Redundant chain nodes: We are getting closer to merging the PR that will enable support for redundant Lotus chain nodes. Going forward we will start testing it properly to see if we need additional tools to properly support the feature.
  • The requirement for checking parameters on startup has been disabled on lotus-miner nodes that have disabled all tasks (PoSt / C2 / PR2) that require parameters. This makes startups much faster ⚑ and reducing downtime when restarts are needed.
  • A work-in-progress tool that allows you to explore data on the Filecoin network was opened as a draft. It is uncertain if this tool will live in the Lotus codebase, but it was opened up as others might find it useful.
  • A PR to add retrieval deal ID and bytes transferred to the lotus client retrieve output has been merged.

πŸ› fixes:

  • A fix to prevent Homebrew updates when release-candidates are published was merged this week. It now only updates for stable releases.
  • During testing of the v1.17.2-rc1/2 it was uncovered that the lotus-miner sectors renew --only-cc option does not apply when specifying sectors with a sector-file. A fix has been merged into master, and will be backported to v1.17.2.

Protocol development:

We hope everyone that attended FIL-Singapore had a good time! !e are looking forward to see many of you @ FIL-Lisbon in approximately a month. Reminder that we will host a Lotus, data onboarding, and friends day on the 2nd of November, so save the date!

ThatΒ΄s it for the week! Have a great weekend! β˜€οΈ