This Week in Lotus - Week 4 - 2023

Posted January 27, 2023 by  ‐ 2 min read

After many weeks of being all hands on FVM integration and Hyperspace work, we are now moving slowly back to being more hands-on with Lotus specific work and goals.


Going forward we are aiming to create the tooling needed for Storage Providers to subscribe to a contract, make deals and seal the deal (either through a new sector or snap) fully unchain, and have the deal activated.

  • This week we have been working on refining the deal protocol and lotus-miner to enable deal client contract MVPs to make storage deals with an SP on the Hyperspace network.

Bugfixes and enhancements 🐛:

  • We have seen some issue reports where sectors are stuck in the Adding to sector state on Boost, or AddPiece/SnapDealsAddPiece on the Lotus-Miner. We have uncovered what the underlying issue for these are. It happens when deals on Boost are in Adding to sector state but not yet assigned due a full sealing pipeline/config limits, and if Boost is restarted or down when the Lotus-Miner schedules the AddPiece the rpcreader redirection logic got stuck. We have opened a PR that is currently in review, which should mitigate these issues.
  • One of the trickier parts of debugging certain windowPoSt challenge reading issues is narrowing down where a failed sector is and getting detailed enough error logs to find it. We have added more detailed error outputs so that these failures will be easier to find.
  • For quite some time now published docker containers has contained lotus binaries that return .dirty as part of lotus --version even though the git state was clean. A PR has now been merged to fix this issues, so going forward docker images will have a clean git state.
  • A PR to clean up some CLI-commands that was missing argument checks and print the help text if the wrong arguments where passed has been merged.

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend! ☀️