This Week in Lotus - Week 43 - 2023

Posted October 27, 2023 by  ‐ 2 min read

Network Version 21 - Watermelon - Update

The gears are continuously turning, and our team has been diligently testing and stressing the network. Everything is cruising smoothly, and our test checklist is almost all ticked off!

🔥 SupraSeal C2 Sealing! 💨

Check out the new benchmarks using SupraSeal:

GPU                 |  SupraSeal | 
TITAN RTX           | 3m05s      | 
RTX 3090            | 2m11s      | 

Dive in and try out the SSC2 upgrades right now on the v1.25.0-rc1`` tag! Get all the guidance you need from our [docs]( and set it up and make lotus-bench`.

We would love to see your benchmarks especially if you have some older GPUs, so if you have the time, please share and give us some feedback. We are collecting data and times here.

This is an experimental feature and not currently advised for a production environment. ⚠️

Highlight 🌲

  • Did you know? You can download Forrest snapshots for both Mainnet and Calibration right here!
  • Checkout this playlist from FIL-Vegas, if you don’t have time to watch everything. We can recommend:
    • Responsible AI for Enterprise Success
    • The ABCDs of the Digital Age and the Web3 Protocol Stack
    • Protecting the Future of History

FIP- Discussion : Non Interactive PoRep 📢

Checkout the discussion here, and join the conversation.

Boost News!

The nv21 upgrade is on the horizon! A friendly reminder that Boost has a mandatory update from v1 -> v2, action is required before the nv21 upgrade to continue serving and onboarding deals seamlessly.

Checkout their announcements, documentation and channels #boost-announcements #boost-help ❗

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend! ☀️