This Week in Lotus - Week 43

Posted October 29, 2022 by  ‐ 1 min read

The Protocol Labs Network has been gathering in Lisbon this week for LabWeek22 🔬. We have been able to spend a lot of time to collaborate, plan and align on a variety of topics with other teams, and are looking forward to share more of the work done and future plans in the coming weeks. A lot of the presentations where live streamed and recorded, so you should be available to view these soon.

🇵🇹 Lotus, Data onboarding and Friends day

  • It´s only four days until Lotus, Data onboarding and friends day on the 2nd of November. We have an impressive lineup of speakers and are looking forward to seeing everybody there.

Also, a big shoutout 📢 to the Filecoin Saturn Network 🪐, a content delivery network (CDN) built on Filecoin which launched this week. Join the #filecoin-saturn in Slack and check out for more information about how you can join the network.

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend! ☀️