This Week in Lotus - Week 44 - 2023

Posted November 3, 2023 by  ‐ 2 min read

Network Version 21 - Watermelon - Timeline Update

Mainnet upgrade: Epoch 3431940 on Wednesday the 29th of November at 13:30 UTC.

Calibrationeers, Operation rotten watermelon:

The implementer teams (Venus, Lotus, Forest) has decided to patch the Calibration network, fixing the issue where partitions with expired sectors needed to be compacted before they can be moved (more details here).

Fortunately, we caught it on the Testnet before it’s launched on Mainnet! And unfortunately, to fix this bug on calibration needs an upgrade as it is a consensus breaking change.

Calibration upgrade: Epoch 1070494 on Thursday the 19th of October at approximately 13:00 UTC.

We ask all the calibration network operators and storage providers to update to the new release candidates as soon as possible and continue testing!

Feel free to reach out in #fil-net-calibration-discuss if you have any question!

Last Call for FIP0074 & FIP0079 🔔

After several months of deliberation, feedback, and design changes, the following FIPs are in Last Call:

  • FIP0074 - Remove cron-based automatic deal settlement: This FIP proposes to add a method to the built-in market actor to allow storage providers to settle deal payments manually.

  • FIP0079 - Add BLS Aggregate Signatures to FVM: This FIP proposes the addition of a syscall for BLS aggregate signature verification and the removal of the syscall currently used for generic signature (i.e. Secp256k1 and non-aggregate BLS) validation, and refactoring of its associated SDK function in terms of existing Secp256k1 signature syscalls and the added aggregate BLS syscall.

Boost Upgrade Reminder 📣

A friendly reminder that Boost has a mandatory update from v1 -> v2, action is required before the nv21 upgrade to continue serving and onboarding deals seamlessly!

If your having problems or issues setting up YugaBytesDB, these examples from the community might help.

Checkout their latest announcement, and channels #boost-announcements #boost-help ❗

LabWeek23 The team will be traveling to Istanbul and Spain to take part in LabWeek23, Nov 13-17.

For further information and to check out the upcoming tracks head over to where you will find all the details.

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend! ☀️