This Week in Lotus - Week 44

Posted November 4, 2022 by  ‐ 2 min read

The Protocol Labs Network has been gathering in Lisbon the past two weeks for both LabWeek22 🔬, IPFS Camp :ipfs: and FIL-Lisbon :filecoin:. A lot of the presentations and sessions that happened during these two weeks has been recorded and is going to be being published in the Filecoin YouTube-channel, Lotus YouTube-channel, Procotol Labs YouTube-channel or the IPFS YouTube-channel.

SplitStore V2 updates:

  • We have has been diving back into known SplitStore issue this week, and will continue to work on SplitStore related issues going forward to bring it out of its beta stage. A new PR changes some previous functionality, namely the EnableColdStoreAutoPrune config, and instead adds a third messages mode to the SplitStore coldstore which should simplify the setup a bit. This PR should also fix the previously posted issues with regards to AutoPrune not compacting the coldstore!

Calibration Network 🧪:

  • The calibration network has now been reset with fixes for the bug found here. The calibration network will upgrade to network 17 on Monday the 7th of November at epoch 16800 - approximately 14:10 UTC.
  • To run the calibration network on your node you will need to checkout the v1.18.0-rc5 branch and build for calibnet.

A big thanks for everybody that attended Lotus, Data onboarding and Friends this week! It was the first time we hosted our own event and we really enjoyed it. 🙌 Thanks for all the great conversations and presentations!

You can view recordings of the live streams from the Lotus, Data onboarding and Friends day here:

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend! ☀️