This Week in Lotus - Week 45

Posted November 11, 2022 by  ‐ 2 min read

Network v17 🦈:

  • The calibration network upgraded successfully this week and we have run a lot of tests to confirm that nothing is suspicious or wrong after the upgrade. We will continue to monitor and test the network 17 on the calibration network.
  • With the calibration network successfully upgraded, we can move our πŸ‘€ to the mainnet upgrade. The upgrade date has been set to November 30th. The exact upgrade epoch will be announced soon.

Enhancements and bugfixes:

  • Are you doing SnapDeals and have seen error-messages and p_aux issues when the proving deadline for the given Snap-sector that is upgraded is open? Expect to see them a lot less! These Snap-sectors will now wait in a WaitMutable state until the deadline is over before it progresses to the SectorReplicaUpdateSubmitted and so forth. The PR has been tested to be successful and is awaiting approval.
  • The new πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ SplitStore-mode messages has now been merged and has been running successfully on our system and is pruning correctly. You can expect to see this new SplitStore mode in the upcoming v1.19.0. In Lotus v1.19.0 we consider the SplitStore feature production ready!!
  • The windowPoSt cycle logic has gotten some additional logging to it.
    • GenerateSingleVanillaProof now also respects context, which means that it will skip slow to read sectors 🐌 and return a context error. Instead of being blocked forever if storage reads where blocked (e.g disconnected NFS).
  • On top of the above, this PR adds parallel windowPoSt batching processing. This enhancement should make WindowPoSt drastically faster βš‘πŸš„ for SPs with multiple partitions per deadline makes good use of multiple WindowPoSt workers.

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend! β˜€οΈ