This Week in Lotus - Week 48

Posted December 2, 2022 by  ‐ 2 min read

The Filecoin-network upgraded successfully to network version 17 at epoch 2383680 this week. After two pre-migrations, the actual migration and some expected null-rounds, we saw a healthy chain emerge.

We will continue to monitor the network, and stay reactive to any circumstances that may occur.

SnapDeals πŸ›-sprint: One the focus areas for the Lotus-team in Q4 has been squashing outstanding SnapDeals-issues, and the team has done an amazing job clearing out the backlog, and testing the fixes. For this effort we have created a sprint report, detailing all the fixes that got fixed:

Read the full sprint report, with SnapDeal-configuration recommendations and benchmarks here.

Enhancements πŸš€:

  • The new snapshot service introduced .zst compressed snapshots which cut the size by almost ~50% compared to the non-compressed snapshot. A PR that got merged this week added support for .zst imports in Lotus. Now you do not have to uncompress the snapshot before importing it to Lotus.
    • The PR also increased the loading parallelism! Internal testing proved that this makes data import ~2x faster, going at ~200MiB/s. This made snapshot import take ~4 min 🏎️
  • A PR that added tags to storage-path related metrics got merged this week. It will enable the creation of storage-related dashboards πŸ“Š much easier.

Scheduler metrics:

  • The scheduler has gotten some new metrics that allows us to get better insights into scheduling cycle durations. It will allow us to do some initial A/B-testing πŸ§ͺ about the scheduler that could be really valuable later on. We will create a testing-assignment soon, and hope that larger SPs will participate and gather some metrics for us.

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend! β˜€οΈ