This Week in Lotus - Week 49 - 2023

Posted December 8, 2023 by  ‐ 3 min read

Lotus v1.25.1-rc1 - Alpha Release of Lotus-Provider

Exciting news! The Lotus Team is thrilled to announce the alpha release of Lotus-Provider! Key features include:

  • High Availability: Run multiple instances for WindowPoSt and WinningPoSt, with support for clustered Yugabyte configurations.
  • Simplicity: Easy setup with configurations stored in YugabyteDB.
  • Durability: Robust design for consistent performance.

Stay updated with forthcoming documentation and join the #fil-lotus-announcements channel where we will be posting testing opportunities on the Calibration network!

Lotus v1.25.1-rc1 - SupraSeal PC2 Lotus v1.25.1-rc1 also allows SPs to use the new SupraSeal PC2! Testing benchmarks with an NVIDIA RTX A5000 show a significant reduction in sealing time, down to approximately 2.5 minutes! While SupraSeal PC2 works efficiently with Committed Capacity (CC) it currently encounters known issues with deal sectors.

We recommend using SupraSeal PC2 for specific sector types and in testing environments only, pending future updates for deal sector compatibility. For detailed usage and benchmarking instructions with SupraSeal PC2, please consult the provided documentation.

Final Call for Feedback on FIP-0076: Direct Data Onboarding FIP-0076 has now entered the Last Call phase. Don’t miss the opportunity to share your final thoughts! DDO proposes innovative onboarding methods for direct data commitment into sectors, offering a more cost-effective approach.

Additionally, it introduces a new deal activation scheme to support transactions through user-programmed smart contracts. Initially focused on the built-in market actor, this could expand to others in the future.

Share your feedback and be a part of shaping our network’s future!

Are you ready for Watermelon? The Mainnet Network Version 21 upgrade is fast approaching! Epoch 3469380 on the 12th of December 2023 at 13:30 UTC.

Please make sure you upgrade to either v1.24.0 or v1.25.0 as soon as possible and don’t forget to upgrade your Go versions to at least v1.20.7 (v1.21.X is not supported). The minimum Boost version for both Lotus releases is v2.1.0.

For users who will be upgrading directly from an earlier version of Lotus such as v1.22.0, please note the following important changes that have taken place in interim releases:

  • The SplitStore feature is now enabled by default on all new nodes. For existing users, the Lotus node will now fail to start unless the EnableSplitstore config setting is explicitly set to either true or false prior to daemon start - ref v1.23.
  • The proofs libraries now have CUDA enabled by default which will require a fully functional CUDA installation. Users can still opt to use OpenCL instead by setting the FFI_USE_OPENCL=1 when building from source or disable GPU usage entirely by setting the FFI_USE_GPU=0 flag - ref v1.23.0.
  • The lotus-miner sectors renew command has been deprecated and all functionality moved to the lotus-miner sectors extend command.
  • Exchanges/Node operators/RPC providers please note that execution traces have changed to account for changes introduced by the FVM. Please make sure to read the Execution trace format change section at this link for full details - ref v1.23.0

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend! ☀️