This Week in Lotus - Week 50 - 2023

Posted December 16, 2023 by  ‐ 3 min read

Watermelon Has Arrived Network Version 21 went live on Mainnet at Epoch 3469380 on the 12th of December 2023 at 13:30 UTC and we are already seeing SPs taking advantage of the new Synthetic PoRep feature as a growing number of PreCommitSectorBatch2 are appearing on-chain! Additionally, Storage Providers are eagerly utilizing the new 3.5-year maximum sector durations that landed with the upgrade!


  • You can enable Synthetic PoRep on your own SP operations by simply setting UseSyntheticPoRep = true in your miner config.toml!
  • If you would like to change the default duration of your freshly squeezed CC sectors to leverage the new 3.5-year sector terms, just change the CommittedCapacitySectorLifetime setting in your miner config.toml.

Lotus Releases Update Lotus versions and v1.24. and v1.25.1 landed a few days in direct response to syncing issues caused by a rapid increase in the number of messages on the network over the weekend! Please check out the detailed release notes for more information! Lotus v1.24.1 and v1.25.1 are highly recommended but optional patch releases! The team also released v.1.25.2-rc1 which includes the message volume mitigation as well as the new Lotus Provider alpha and SupraSeal PC2 optimisations that the team announced last week.

Please make sure to read all of the new release notes thoroughly before any upgrades on your systems!

The team are also currently working with a small group of Storage Providers who are still experiencing unrelated random and intermittent sync loss on some of their nodes. A huge thank you to all the SPs who have made a massive effort to engage with the team and provide logs and feedback! Mitigations are being actively tested as we speak! Please keep monitoring #fil-lotus-help for updates and let us know if you experience any extended episodes of sync loss on your own nodes!

Calling all Ecosystem Node Operators!! We recently announced the launch of the new Node Operator Survey, led by our friends in the Forest Team! This is a unique opportunity for you to share your insights and experiences! Whether you’re navigating the network with Lotus, Venus, or Forest, your input is incredibly important to us! Please take a few moments of your time to fill out this brief survey. Your perspective is crucial in helping each implementation team gear up for a dynamic 2024 and really hit the ground running!!

The Holiday Season is Almost Here As the holiday season draws closer and team members head off for their festive breaks, we may take a little longer to respond to your messages than usual. Please bear with us during this time if you have to wait a bit longer than usual for a reply and rest assured that 24-hour network monitoring and emergency response will always continue uninterrupted throughout!

The entire Lotus Team would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a truly magical holiday season and a prosperous 2024! Thank you to our amazing community for an incredible 2023, we can’t wait to continue working and innovating with you in the New Year! 💙

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend! ☀️