This Week in Lotus - Week 9 - 2023

Posted March 3, 2023 by  ‐ 3 min read

Lotus v1.20.0 & RC for v1.21.0

Its happening πŸ”₯ the stable release of Lotus v1.20.0 was released this week. This is a MANDATORY release of Lotus that delivers the Hygge network upgrade, introducing Filecoin network version 18 with upgrade epoch 2683348, on March 14th at 2023-03-14T15:14:00Z. Check out the full release notes for additional information here.

We have a code freeze for our first feature release of the year, on March 7th, so you can expect the first release candidate for Lotus v1.21.0 to be coming out next week. Check out our release calendar here.

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Lotus Miner Issue Backlog Sprint

We have been heads down on the first [Epic] Lotus-Miner V2 milestone this week, the Lotus-Miner backlog sprint..

  • After a really long battle with the dreaded Notifs channel closed issue which has been haunting SPs for a long time, we have finally found a fix, tested it, and also have unittest for it. Along the way we also fixed a bunch of other go-jsonrpc bugs. Its currently in review a will be included in the v1.21.0 release.
  • There are some experimental assigner features in the scheduler which should help mitigate some issues around tasks not being properly assigned when using multiple storage only lotus-workers. The PR is currently in review, and is coming as experimental features in the v1.21.0 release.
    • The experiment-spread-tasks-qcount assigner is similar to the spread assigner, but also takes into account task counts which are running/preparing/queued, as well as counting running tasks on a per-task-type basis. You can see how it performed on the storage only lotus-workers here.
    • 🎲 The experiment-random assigner, is as the name suggest random. You can check the results for the storage only lotus-workers test with this assigner here.
  • We have pushed a fix for the environment variable GET_xx_MAX_CONCURRENT not being enforced issue. GETs tasks will now be properly limited if the environment variable is set. The fix will be included in v1.21.0.
  • Have you seen the state machine error: %!s(<nil>) error message in sector logs, hopefully you will soon see it a lot less. We are currently testing out a potential fix for it. If proven to be successful, it will also be included in the coming v1.21.0 release. 🚞.
  • A PR that removes the legacy market info in the Lotus-Miner info command has been merged, and is targeted for the v1.21.0 feature release.

🀸 SplitStore improvements

We have been gathering feedback from the community on some SplitStore related product ideas we have that we want to implement. Thanks to everybody that provided their opinions on these matters, it really helps us define what to build towards πŸ™ We are still actively trying to get to the root cause of the discard mode on the SplitStore not doing the expected GC work.

But we are hoping to finish up a hot store online garbage collection command for the SplitStore today, so that we can ship it into the Lotus v1.21.0 release.

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend! β˜€οΈ