How to join the Butterfly test network.

Butterfly Network

The Butterfly test network is mostly an internal development and test network used by the Lotus team. It is used for short term testing, and should not be used for something that needs a long time operating network. To get updates about the Butterfly test network it is recommended to follow the #lotus-butterfly channel in the Filecoin Slack, as well as subscribing to network updates. The Butterfly network supports sector size of 512MiB, 32GiB and 64GiB.

Steps to join butterfly network

Clone and checkout a release or branch as explained in the build and install Lotus guide.

To join the Butterfly network, build Lotus with below commands:

make clean
make butterflynet
make install
  • The parameters are pinned on IPFS gateway, and the CIDs can be found here.
  • For users that are in China: export IPFS_GATEWAY= to get params fetched from jdcloud.