Soft FD limit is low


An alert, similar to the following, shows up in lotus or lotus-miner.

active process:fd-limit last raised at 2021-12-09 16:30:39.901 +0800 +08; reason: {"message":"soft FD limit is low","recommended_min":100000,"soft_limit":16384}

Note that this error is an example from Ubuntu, but would be similar in other OS variants.


  • Mainnet
  • Calibnet
  • Devnet


This will be host OS specific, but it should be similar on all OS types. Below is the example from Ubuntu. You will also have to reboot.

sudo echo "* soft nofile 256000" >> /etc/security/limits.conf
sudo echo "* hard nofile 512000" >> /etc/security/limits.conf
sudo sysctl -p

Values of the above resolution (the big number) may vary.