Benchmark a Network Migration

Pre requisites

To benchmark a migration on your Lotus node, you need:

Test premigration

  1. On your currently synced and running Lotus node, run:
lotus chain head | head -n1
  1. Stop the Lotus daemon
lotus daemon stop
  1. Run the migration
./lotus-shed migrate-state --repo=[path-to-your-.lotus-repo] [nv-version-to-migrate-to] [output-of-step-1]

In the above command, replace [nv-version-to-migrate-to] with the network version you want to migrate to. For example, if you want to test the migration to network version 21, you would replace [nv-version-to-migrate-to] with 21.

The last step will create the migration jobs and run through them. You should observe the time it starts, and when it finishes, as well as the system load during this migration.