Replace message with updated gas fee


The following error shows up in the lotus and lotus-miner logs

error sending message: GasEstimateMessageGas error: estimating gas used: message execution failed: exit 16, reason: no valid updates (RetCode=16)

Typically, Lotus components use MpoolPushMessage API to send messages to the chain. This API does an automatic calculation of the required gas fee. Sometimes, this calculation does not hold valid in the next epoch and message gets stuck in the mpool due to the low gas fee.


  • Calibnet
  • Mainnet


The messages stuck in mpool due to low gas fee can be updated with a higher gas fee. This allows them to be included in the blocks and executed on chain.

  1. Check the current base fee prices.

    lotus chain head | awk 'NR==1{print; exit}' | xargs lotus chain getblock | jq -r .ParentBaseFee
  2. Replace the message with updated gas fee in the mpool using the below command

    lotus mpool replace --gas-premium <previous GasPremium * 1.25> --gas-feecap <output of above> <address> <nonce>