A multi-signature (multisig) wallet refers to a wallet that requires multiple keys to authorize a `FIL` transactions.

Create a multsig wallet

Use lotus msig create to a multisig wallet:

lotus msig create signerAddress1 signerAddress2 signerAddress3...
Created new multisig:  f01002 f24mscgjtgymb3dqtm4ycwydh4nhygktgxm3nbgva

In the above example, f01002 is the id address and f24mscgjtgymb3dqtm4ycwydh4nhygktgxm3nbgva is the actor address. Both addresses represent the newly created multisig wallet.

By default, signatures from all signers are required for approving a transaction. However, you can change the number of required approvals by using the --required option:

lotus msig create --required=2 signerAddress1 signerAddress2 signerAddress3

The above example creates a multisig wallet with three signers but only requires two approvals for a transaction to be executed.

Propose and approve a transaction

Any signer of a multisig wallet can propose a transaction. The proposer automatically approves a transaction upon the proposal. A transaction will only be executed when the number of approvals received equals the number of required approvals. A multisig wallet can be inspected to get the number of required approvals. If a multisig wallet only requires one signer, then a transaction will be executed immediately upon its proposal.

Use lotus msig propose to propose a transaction:

lotus msig propose --from=proposerAddress walletAddress destinationAddress value
send proposal in message:  bafy2bzaceajm2mghc5rludlbcr3bnpqgcz5m6gmldq6ycrc4trkejz36tnrqe
Transaction ID: 0

In the above example bafy2bzaceajm2mghc5rludlbcr3bnpqgcz5m6gmldq6ycrc4trkejz36tnrqe is the messageID, and 0 is the transactionID.

Other signers can use lotus msig approve to approve the messages:

lotus msig approve walletAddress transactionID proposerAddress destinationAddress value

The value of transactionID, proposerAddress, destinationAddress and value must match the values used in the proposal.

Cancel a pending multisig proposal

Use lotus msig cancel to cancel a pending multisig transaction.

lotus msig cancel walletAddress transactionID destinationAddress value

The value of walletAddress, transactionID, destinationAddress and value must match the values used in the proposal.

Output of a successful cancel process.

sent cancel in message:  bafy2bzacebjy2limeu6mw4b6x5yqgdupxaqabprojwu72xlfhwkhgb5jcyr7c

Inspect a multisig wallet

Use lotus msig inspect to get information about the multisig wallet:

lotus msig inspect walletaddress
Balance: 0 FIL
Spendable: 0 FIL
Threshold: 2 / 3 # number of signature required / number of signers the wallet has
ID      Address
t01001  t1ai2gcr2xlpyxcbjlegojbpr3ovdyfdyzigjoyza
t0100   t3r4d3avth4agwxy6ko35reeuydcqaa6cq4mt6owg3zjq23pxqc6xvn7scb43dyhaf2cjnjhtioek6innbpgda
t01003  t3rpukrggza4jjt6vpihiqoekth6tiopzhvxbp36qhrzfu4xpk6n3mxo5geh6bdavkkkhqk7owt2an2wrundtq
Transactions:  1
ID      State    Approvals  To                                         Value   Method   Params
0       pending  1          t1fjswymsauvfh5zxw34t2pgz7iev2fn56unyw6ci  20 FIL  Send(0)

Inspect a multisig proposal

Use lotus-shed msg to inspect the params of a message.

lotus-shed msg messageID

Output of a successful inspection on a multisig message.

Message Details:
Value: 0 FIL
Max Fees: 0.00000031548776754 FIL
Max Total Cost: 0.00000031548776754 FIL
Method: Propose
Params: {
  "To": "t1m2oqtdwx2kporl3dgq4schl46jnu63fqwchf4wq",
  "Value": "5000000000000000000",
  "Method": 0,
  "Params": null
Params message:
Msig Propose:
HEX: 845501669d098ed7d29ee8af633439211d7cf25b4f6cb049004563918244f400000040
  "To": "t1m2oqtdwx2kporl3dgq4schl46jnu63fqwchf4wq",
  "Value": "5000000000000000000",
  "Method": 0,
  "Params": null


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