Curio Local Network

This guide provides detailed information about how to add a Curio miner to local network

A local-network is highly useful for getting familiar with Curio and experimenting with different scenarios in a safe manner.

Docker Devnet

  1. Clone the Lotus Github repo and checkout the release/cuio-beta branch

    git clone
    cd lotus/
    git checkout release/curio-beta
  2. Build the images

    make docker/curio-devnet
  3. Start the docker devnet

    make curio-devnet/up
  4. Stop the docker devnet

    make curio-devnet/down


  1. Please set up a local network using the Lotus binaries.

  2. Build the curio binaries from “master” branch of the Lotus repo.

  3. Set up the YugabyteDB

  4. Initialize a new miner using the guided-setup command.

  5. Start the new Curio node

    curio run --nosync --layers seal,post,gui
  6. In an new terminal, attach some storage to the Curio node.

    curio cli storage --machine attach --init --seal --store ~/.curio
  7. Seal multiple CC sectors.

    curio seal start --now --cc --actor <Miner ID from Step 4>
  8. Access the Curio UI page at http://localhost:4701 and watch the sector move through different sealing steps.

  9. Wait for the next WindowPost and allow the CC sectors to become “Active”.

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