Lotus is the reference implementation for the Filecoin network. It is written in Go, and is maintained by the Protocol Labs team. This website contains all the information you need to spin up a Lotus node, become a Filecoin storage provider, or just tinker around with the Filecoin network!

Install Lotus →

What is Filecoin?

Filecoin is a network of computers that allows you to store your data online. But while online storage services aren't anything new, Filecoin is different. It doesn't use centralized servers to store your data or rely on aggressive analytics tactics to make a profit and pay its shareholders. You can find out more about Filecoin and how it works over at docs.filecoin.io →

What is Lotus?

Lotus is a command-line application that lets you interact with Filecoin. You can do this by uploading and downloading files, renting out your storage to other users, and checking that computers are storing data correctly. The Lotus project is split into three main applications: the lotus daemon, lotus miner, and lotus worker. Still confused? Take a look at the What is Lotus page →

Getting started with Lotus

The Lotus project is actually a suite of command-line applications. The lotus daemon is available as a client for users to store data, the miner daemon is for storage providers to rent their storage to users, and the worker daemon allows storage-providers to split tasks across multiple computers. You can get started quickly by following these guides:

Need help?

Reach out to the Lotus team and the Filecoin community through these links: